“As a parent I can honestly say that Anna Jewett has been a phenomenal speech therapist.  My daughter has been working with Anna for about 6 months and has shown a tremendous amount of improvement in her speech and language. She taught her how to use sign language for simple requests such as “more” or “play.” My daughter loved seeing her and didn’t want her to leave when the session was over.  I had two speech therapists prior to Anna and indeed Anna was the best. She is an extraordinary person and therapist –  anyone would be lucky to have her.”


“Anna is a wonderful speech language pathologist!  Her evaluation of my child was very thorough and she was able to cater to his individual speech needs with a treatment plan that helped him to improve drastically.  Her sessions are very professional but filled with lots of fun and play.  Anna is extremely sweet and caring; you cannot find a better SLP!”

“There isn’t anything more distressing than finding out that your child is not where they should be developmentally, but once you pass that hurdle you encounter the next challenge and that is finding a qualified and quality therapist. One that is a good fit for your family, that cares about the children they work with, and that knows what they are doing. Having had other speech therapists, we knew we were blessed the day Anna came into our lives. Anna is always warm and full of energy, yet extremely professional in all regards. She gave my son the tools he needed to be successful in making friends in child care, expressing his needs and feelings to us, and really helped him blossom in his expressive language. In just over a year, my son went from being several months behind in his expressive language to surpassing the expectations for his age. In addition to Anna’s work with my son, my husband and I learned new approaches to playing with our son, to redirecting him and to helping him work on his deficits. We are eternally grateful to Anna, and sincerely give her our highest recommendation.”