Little Bird Speech was founded by Anna Jewett MS, CCC-SLP, a developmental, pediatric speech-language pathologist. We strive to serve children of all ages who present with a variety of speech and language needs, including but not limited to: developmental delays, autism spectrum disorder, Down syndrome, childhood apraxia of speech, expressive language delays, receptive language delays, articulation disorders, and phonological disorders.

We employ a family-centered and child-centered approach, working collaboratively with you to proactively address your child’s speech and language needs. Available services include consultations, assessments, and ongoing speech therapy sessions.

Bird Tree

As the morning sun crept up into the sky,

a gentle stirring of feathers arose from the nest.

With a mighty peep, tweet, and chirp,

the little bird took flight,

joyfully spreading his wings

to see where he just might go today.

~Little Bird Speech